About Us

In 2013, Sotiris Vagenas (Technologist-Agriculturist) designed and established a well-equipped and technologically sophisticated cottage industry for processing agricultural products, following closely on strict E.U. standards concerning food. This cottage industry is located in Neo Souli which is one of the five ''Darnakohοria'' in the county of Serres. 


The recipes were made with love and passion and only the purest ingredients were used in cooking. No dyes or preservatives were used.

The result is to have in your kitchen the goods of the Greek land that combine knowledge and science.

Among our products (sauces-jams), you will not only find your favorite homemade flavors (onion-laurel sauce, red pepper-oregano sauce, etc.) but also original ones (tomato jam, orange-carrot jam, etc.) that you shall love after the first taste, satisfying even the most demanding requests. 

All the products are ready for use. 


Take a break from meal preparations, and serve your loved ones with a unique experience of taste! 


The brand of our products is ''Darnakon Flavors (gefsis)''.

It is an effort to save the homemade delicacies of Darnakes and also to make them known more widely.