Gift Box - 3 Spoon Sweet

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Gift Box - 3 Spoon Sweet

You can make sweet your friend's name days, if you make a gift with spoon sweets from Darnakon Gefsis!

The box contain:

1 Bergamont spoon sweet
Jar: 400g.
Enjoy responsibly, sweet pergamont without colors and no sugar added! As that special recipe tha only the grandmother knew how to succeed so well! Aromatic fresh fruit and syrup come tied to synthesize a feast of flavors and awaken your taste! Enjoy Spoon Sweet Bergamont with your coffee, with a strained yoghurt, ice cream or combine original smoothies or even garnish your favorite cake!

1 Orange Spoon Sweet
Jar: 400g.
Make a tasty trip back in time, in flavors that are almost forgotten... Bach then, when fruits were fragrant and truly, the sweet syrup was tied and the flavor was unique! Enjoy Orange Spoon Sweet with your coffee. as a desert after your meal. on the top of a yoghurt of garnish your favorite cake with sweet pieces of orange!

1 Grape Spoon Sweet
Jar: 400g.(12pcs/box, 96box/pallet)
Without glucose, preservatives and colors gives the summer flavor to your palate all year round! Enjoy Grape Spoon Sweet with your coffee, with a strained yoghurt, as a topic on vanilla ice cream, in a fruit cake, combine original smoothies or on a slice of a Greek cheese such as Talagani!

Dimensions of box : 9,2x34,3x9,6 cm

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